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Pecks Ltd supply fertiliser to farms and small holders on the Isle of Wight

Fertilizer is the building block of agriculture: the quantity needs to be ‘just right’. Every farmer knows that applying too much fertilizer is a waste of money. They’ll probably point out how it can be detrimental to the environment, too. Yet applying too little fertilizer can be just as damaging – to your profitability. If it leads to your crop falling short of the desired quality – and the desired price – it’s a false economy.

We supply the Kemira Grow How UK Ltd range, as well as Ammonium Nitrate and Urea, both available at highly competitive prices. We can also supply you with grassland products, micronutrients and the full range of tailor-made NPK and PK grades specific to your farm recommendation. In short, we have everything in place to make sure all your fertilizer needs are met professionally, profitably and promptly.

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Contact us today on 01983 523073.